For many years, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been used for stimulating tissue healing in medical treatments. This blood-derived substance has incredible regenerative properties that are safe and natural for wound healing, joint repair and other medical uses. The same properties that can help a wound heal can also be used for cosmetic purposes. PRP injections are the ideal way to improve the appearance of your skin and for hair restoration.

What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is filtered from a patient’s own blood. A sample of blood is taken and sent through a device called a centrifuge that filters out the platelets, concentrating them in plasma. This highly concentrated substance has growth factors that are needed to stimulate tissue repair. While the blood delivers platelets and growth factors to the skin, hair follicles and other areas of the body, it is in diluted quantities. PRP injections can deliver high concentrations for regenerative treatment.

PRP Facials

When PRP injections are used on the skin, there can be amazing results. Also called a vampire facial, PRP facial injections are used to improve the tone and texture of the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. The growth factors in PRP can help the skin heal and may trigger higher collagen production. Some of the skin benefits from a series of PRP facials include:

  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Minimized acne scars
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Improved tone
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation

PRP facials can be performed in less than an hour and no downtime is needed. Most patients can benefit from multiple treatments spaced a few weeks or more apart.

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss is common for both men and women. Thinning hair can occur due to unhealthy hair follicles that stop growing hair. PRP injections are a non-invasive option for hair restoration. Scalp PRP injections into areas with thinning hair can stimulate collagen in the scalp to repair hair follicles. A series of 3-4 PRP injection treatments spaced about a month apart can greatly increase hair growth for most patients.

PRP injections are safe and do not have any side effects like many other cosmetic treatments. If you are interested in learning more about how PRP can improve the beauty of your skin or the thickness of your hair, contact us at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. Call our clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a PRP treatment consultation.

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