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Vitamin Injections

Vitamins are organic substances we require for our bodies to perform. Not only do we need a minimal dosage of various vitamins to stay healthy and avoid nutrient deficiencies, increasing vitamin intake can help improve our immunity, appearance, energy levels and more. At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we offer vitamin injections and IV vitamin drips to boost vitamin intake for optimal wellness for our patients.

Vitamins are essential for nutritional purposes and serve a variety of important functions. Vitamins are vital for keeping our immune system strong. Certain vitamins are needed for healthy hair, skin and nails. Your metabolism, energy, memory, digestion, focus and overall health depend on maintaining adequate vitamin levels in the body. We offer a wide array of vitamins in our office, either as intramuscular injections or IV drips, and our nurses also make house calls. Some common vitamin treatments we offer include:

  • B12
  • B complex
  • Glutathione
  • CO Enzyme Q 10
  • Super MIC for weight loss/fat burning
  • NAD

Our board certified physicians can discuss which vitamin injections or IV drips may benefit your health. Nutritional testing can also be performed to determine your current vitamin levels and any deficiencies.

Vitamin B12 Injections in Los Angeles

Vitamin B12 cannot be synthesized by the body, and it is vital for optimum health. Since the best sources are foods that are derived from animals, those who are vegan or on a plant-based diet may not consume enough vitamin B12. A quick and effective way to increase B12 levels is with a shot or injection. Benefits of B12 shots include:

  • Crucial for red blood cell health
  • Important for vegans who do not get enough B12 in their diet
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • It improves neurological health and prevents cognitive and memory issues
  • Assists with weight loss and metabolism

If you are feeling run down or there are changes in your hair, skin or nails, you may benefit from a vitamin infusion. Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor offers vitamin injections and IV therapy at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA, and we offer house calls throughout the Los Angeles, CA, area. Contact us today to schedule a B12 shot or any of our vitamin injection treatments.

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