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Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor

Hormone Replacement Treatment


Men will naturally have declining testosterone levels by age 40 and suffer from symptoms of low testosterone. Starting TRT will increase your testosterone levels, which can help you regain your typical energy level if your T is abnormally low.


Numerous physiological processes depend on testosterone. Stress, aging, and some medical diseases, such as hypogonadism, can all cause a drop in testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy aims to restore levels that naturally decline with age.


  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced muscle mass
  • More energy
  • Better mental clarity
  • Promote fat loss
  • Improved sleep


Hormones are essential elements for women’s bodies proper functioning. Sometimes age and poor health lead to hormone deficiency. Women suffer from these symptoms during menopause. With HRT, we can restore the level of female hormones in your body.


The menopausal transition is a crucial time in every woman’s life that signals some irreversible changes in their organisms. This natural biological process happens when a woman is in her 40s or 50s. It means the end of the menstrual cycle entails some physiological and emotional symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is a special treatment for menopausal symptoms and protects long-term health. HRT is a popular treatment method that enables women to replenish hormone deficiency with hormones identical to the ones their body produces.


  • Increased libido
  • Improved sleep
  • Counterweight gain
  • Reduce frequency of hot flashes
  • Better mental clarity
  • Strengths bladder muscles

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