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Hormone-Replacement Treatment

Both men and women can benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

Men will naturally have declining levels of testosterone by age 40 and suffer from symptoms of low testosterone. Starting testosterone replacement therapy will help improve energy, libido, muscle mass, reduce body fat.


Women who are post menopausal may suffer from hot flashes, hair loss, skin wrinkles, painful intercourse, muscle and bone loss. Hormone replacement will help minimize all this and assist with anti aging properties. 

Please make an appointment and meet our hormone replacment doctors to see if you woud benefit from hormone or testosterone replacement.


Benefits of a Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor Membership

We understand your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide highly personalized medical care to the many professionals and travelers in the Beverly Hills and surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods. The doctor is available 24 / 7 including direct phone access and direct e-mailing. Our special concierge-style model makes certain your time, and quality of care are a full priority. 

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept most PPO insurance plans, Medicare and Self-Pay. Patients with no insurance can pay per visit out of pocket. Please call to find out if your insurance is accepted.

Trusted House Call Services offered 7 days a week

Testosterone-replacement treatments are available throughout Greater Los Angeles • Beverly Hills • Malibu • Santa Monica • West Hollywood • Pacific Palisades • Manhattan Beach

Membership Fees

  • Call to inquire cost of concierge membership and all the benefits that are included with a membership.



Non-member Fees

  • Membership not required to be seen.
  • We accept most ppo insurance plans and Medicare.
  • Affordable rates for un-insured.
  • No additional fees charged for non members.

Concierge services not be available when using insurance as payment.


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