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Cardiac Stress Test

A cardiac stress test is a critical diagnostic tool used to assess the health of your heart and its ability to respond to physical exertion. At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we offer comprehensive cardiac stress testing as part of our commitment to providing top-tier preventive and diagnostic care. This test helps identify potential heart problems, such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmias and other cardiovascular conditions, allowing for early intervention and effective management.

During a cardiac stress test, your heart’s activity is monitored while you exercise on a treadmill or a stationary bike. For patients unable to perform physical exercise, a pharmacological stress test may be conducted using medication to simulate the effects of exercise on the heart. The test typically includes continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, blood pressure measurements, and sometimes imaging tests such as echocardiography or nuclear imaging.

Why You Might Need a Cardiac Stress Test

If you experience symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or irregular heartbeats, a cardiac stress test can help determine if these symptoms are related to underlying heart problems. This test is particularly useful for diagnosing coronary artery disease, where the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle become narrowed or blocked. By observing how your heart functions under stress, our physicians can pinpoint areas of concern that may not be evident during rest.

For individuals with a known heart condition, a cardiac stress test can be an essential part of managing and monitoring their health. This test allows our primary care physicians to evaluate how well your heart is functioning and to determine the effectiveness of current treatments. It provides valuable information that can guide adjustments in medication, lifestyle changes, and other therapeutic interventions to improve your heart health.

The Cardiac Stress Test Process

Before undergoing a cardiac stress test, our medical team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare. This may include guidelines on fasting, medication adjustments and appropriate clothing for exercise. During the test, our experienced healthcare professionals will closely monitor you to ensure your safety and comfort.

Once the test is complete, our physicians will analyze the data to assess your heart’s performance. They will look for signs of reduced blood flow, abnormal heart rhythms, or other indicators of cardiovascular issues. Based on the results, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to address any identified problems and to promote optimal heart health.

At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized cardiac care for our patients throughout the greater Los Angeles, CA, area. A cardiac stress test is a valuable tool in our diagnostic arsenal, helping us to ensure your heart is functioning at its best. Schedule your cardiac stress test with us today and take a proactive step towards maintaining a healthy heart.

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