Prioritizing your health and wellness is increasingly paramount. The hustle and bustle of daily life often leaves little room for self-care. As a result, your wellbeing could become compromised.

Let’s set the tone for a healthier and more productive you this new year. Consider an annual executive checkup with Beverly Hills’ concierge doctor. Our comprehensive examinations could reveal health issues that medical professionals must address in the coming year.

Annual Checkups

While a traditional physical or annual checkup is standard practice, it usually involves a brief visit with your primary care doctor. You will go through a general examination and essential blood work – limited to what your insurance covers. However, an Executive Physical is the ideal choice if you value a more comprehensive approach to your health.

Executive Physical

An Executive Physical at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor is not your typical checkup; it’s a meticulous and detailed examination that evaluates every organ system.

This thorough assessment goes beyond disease management; it focuses on prevention, early detection, and the overall enhancement of your wellbeing. Here’s what sets an Executive Physical apart:

Thorough Examination with Internal Medicine Specialist:

An internal medicine specialist conducts an extended physical examination, whose primary focus is disease prevention and overall health. This personalized approach ensures that your unique health needs are addressed.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing:

Extensive laboratory testing includes blood counts, chemistry panels to assess organ function, urinalysis, cancer screening, and cholesterol screening. This in-depth analysis provides a comprehensive overview of your health, enabling early detection of potential issues.

Cardiovascular Assessment:

Advanced cardiovascular assessment, including an electrocardiogram (ECG), resting 2-D echocardiography with Doppler, CT-coronary calcium scanning, and specialized blood tests, ensures a detailed heart health evaluation.

Specialized Screenings for Men and Women:

Tailored screenings for men and women address gender-specific health concerns. This process includes prostate-specific antigen (PSA/free PSA) screening, mammograms for women over 40, and comprehensive screenings for testicular, hernia, and prostate health.

Additional Advanced Testing:

Advanced testing options are available for those seeking an even more detailed evaluation. Testing may include:

  • CT coronary calcium screening.
  • Resting echocardiography with Doppler.
  • Doppler ultrasound for circulation evaluation.
  • Carotid artery ultrasound for plaque scanning.
  • Full-body imaging for early cancer detection.

At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, your health is our priority. We understand that each individual is unique, and our Executive Physicals are designed to reflect that. Additionally, for your convenience, we offer the flexibility of scheduling your checkup at our clinic or bringing our medical team to your home or office.

Remember, your health is an investment, not an expense. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter annual checkup. Choose the comprehensive care you deserve. As a New Year’s Resolution, you can’t go wrong with ensuring your continuing wellbeing.

Contact our medical team at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor today to schedule your personal Executive Physical. Your journey to optimal health begins here.

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