IV Hydration

IV Hydration

IV hydration, or intravenous hydration, is a technique that replaces the body’s lost fluids and electrolytes. IV therapy administers a solution or water mixed with nutrients into the veins to reach organs and other tissues where they are most needed. IV hydration drips are used for severe dehydration but can also be used as a preventive treatment. At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we offer customized IV hydration therapy to combat dehydration and improve health for our patients. Hydration treatments are available at our clinic in Beverly Hills and through our house call service in the LA area.

Why is Dehydration Dangerous?

Most of us become dehydrated from time to time. If you are ill and losing fluids or not consuming enough fluids, you can become dehydrated. Drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate your body. Athletes may become dehydrated during prolonged play or practice in hot weather. The hot California summers can quickly dehydrate the body without enough fluids. When you become acutely dehydrated, your body can stop functioning the way it should, and tissue breakdown and organ malfunction can occur. The kidneys, lungs and heart need plenty of fluid to keep them working correctly. When the body does not have enough fluids, your organs can begin to shut down and may be damaged.

What Occurs During Hydration Therapy

During the treatment, you will need to sit or lie down. An IV will be inserted in your arm and attached to a long tube attached to a bag filled with rehydrating solution. It will be suspended over your head to allow it to drain into your blood vessels slowly. The length of your treatment will depend on how much fluid you need to have replaced, but it is usually less than an hour. Our medical staff will monitor you throughout your treatment.

Hydration therapy has been used in medical care for many decades. Hospital patients routinely receive hydration fluids along with nutrients and medication intravenously – it is the fastest and most efficient way to restore fluid and nutrient levels. This therapy can be utilized by anyone who wants to improve their hydration levels, available through Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor urgent care center and our mobile IV drip service.

If you want hydration therapy drips delivered to your home, office or hotel, contact us at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. Our medical staff can administer your treatment in most locations throughout the Los Angeles area, seven days a week. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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