Cold/Flu Testing/Treatment

Flu Testing & Treatment

When you have the sniffles or a fever, you may be coming down with a cold or flu. While these illnesses are common, some may be more serious than others. There are treatments that can shorten the length of the illness or decrease risks of serious complications. If you have symptoms of the flu, testing and treatment are available through Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. We have an urgent care center in Los Angeles, CA, and offer house calls for cold and flu treatment.

Why Get Tested for the Flu?

Influenza is a common seasonal illness that usually only lasts for a week or two with mild symptoms. However, it is impossible to know what type of flu you have or if the illness is even the flu by symptoms alone. Influenza comes in different types, most commonly A and B, and the symptoms are very similar to COVID-19. Testing is the best way to determine the type of illness you have to receive the best treatment.

Who Should Be Tested?

Anyone who has a fever, sore throat, chills, sneezing, cough or other early symptoms of the flu should be tested for both COVID-19 and influenza. However, there are those who are at higher risk for serious complications that may lead to pneumonia, hospitalization and even death. Children should be tested, as well as elderly individuals. Anyone with an immune-compromised condition or those not vaccinated for the flu should also receive flu testing if they have symptoms.

Flu Treatments

There are effective flu treatments that can reduce risks of severe complications. These anti-viral medications are most effective when taken in the first 72 hours after the first symptoms of the flu appear. Flu medications can shorten the length of the illness and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

If you have symptoms of influenza, it is important to receive testing. Type A can have severe symptoms, but Type B also has risks for complications. To receive testing and treatment in the Los Angeles, CA, area, contact us at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. We offer flu testing and treatment at our urgent care center and through our house call service.

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