Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Widespread musculoskeletal pain is one of the identifying symptoms of fibromyalgia. This chronic pain disorder can disrupt your life and make it difficult to perform daily tasks and activities. If you have symptoms of fibromyalgia or received a diagnosis of this condition, there are therapies that can give you relief. At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we offer fibromyalgia treatment through our urgent care center and services in the Los Angeles, CA, area.

Fibromyalgia Causes and Symptoms

Signs of fibromyalgia may appear after a traumatic event. Many people with this pain disorder begin suddenly having symptoms after a surgery, accident, infection or stressful event. Others may slowly begin noticing pain and other symptoms without any cause. Some of the possible symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  • Widespread muscle and soft tissue pain that affects both the lower and upper body
  • Pain that lasts for at least three months
  • Fatigue, even with plenty of sleep
  • Difficulty concentrating (brain fog)

There are risk factors for fibromyalgia. Women are at higher risk for this chronic pain disorder, and it tends to run in families. Those with certain immune system disorders, osteoarthritis, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis may be at higher risk for fibromyalgia.

Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

There is not a cure for fibromyalgia, but the symptoms can often be well-managed with treatment. Our board certified physicians at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor can provide diagnosis and treatment options for those with symptoms of fibromyalgia. Diagnosis can be completed with an examination, discussion of symptoms and ruling out other conditions that can create similar symptoms. This may include a variety of lab tests that can identify abnormalities that may explain the resulting symptoms.

Treatment for fibromyalgia is personalized to the patient. It may include medications that can help manage pain and improve sleep. Therapies may also be recommended, such as physical therapy, exercise, psychotherapy and stress management. With the right combination of medications and therapies, many people can find relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia and live productive lives.

If you have symptoms of fibromyalgia, contact us at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. We offer diagnosis and treatment for patients with fibromyalgia at our urgent care center in Los Angeles, CA.

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