Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia Treatment

Sleep is vital to feel your best. It also impacts almost every aspect of your health. If you are not getting enough sleep each night due to difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep, you may have insomnia. Not getting enough rest can be frustrating and it may be affecting your energy, mood and health. At Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, we offer effective insomnia treatment at our urgent care clinic in the Los Angeles, CA, metro area.

Many people experience acute insomnia, which occurs when you are not getting enough sleep for several days or even weeks. You may lie awake and find it hard to go to sleep or may wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. Even though you may be tired, you still are unable to sleep. Acute insomnia usually is due to stress or trauma and resolves itself without treatment.

Relief for Chronic Insomnia

Chronic insomnia is a health concern. This occurs when you are unable to get enough sleep for a month or longer, it is considered a chronic condition. Most adults need seven or more hours of sleep a night to feel their best, but those with chronic insomnia may only get a few hours of sleep a night for weeks on end. Chronic insomnia can drain your energy, plus put you at higher risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety disorders and depression.

If insomnia is impacting your work performance, mood or physical health, you should seek treatment. Insomnia can be caused by a wide variety of factors, from medications and chronic pain to stress and lifestyle. Our board certified physicians can collect information about your symptoms and lifestyle to determine the best chronic insomnia treatment. This can include medication changes, relaxation techniques, sleep pattern changes and other recommendations.

If you are experiencing complications in your life due to chronic insomnia, treatment is available at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. To schedule an appointment, contact our urgent care center in Los Angeles, CA. We are open seven days a week with extended hours. Call today to book your insomnia exam and treatment.

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