Muscle Pain Treatment

Muscle Pain Treatment

When you have muscle pain, it can be difficult to perform at your best. From muscle strains and inflammation to cramps and other types of muscle pain, there are many types of conditions that can impact your musculoskeletal tissues. If you have muscle pain, treatment can help you recover and heal. Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor offers diagnosis and treatment for muscle aches and pains at our urgent care clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

Causes of Muscle Pain

Most people experience occasional muscle pain. When you push your muscles to perform at a higher level, they are bound to be sore. Muscle pain is part of the process of achieving stronger and larger muscles – the small tears in the tissue are what allow the muscle to grow. However, there are types of muscle pain that may go beyond normal aches from overuse.

If you have intense or widespread muscle pain, it may require medical treatment. Some of the possible causes of chronic, severe or widespread muscle pain include:

  • Cramps – often caused by dehydration and nutritional deficiency
  • Strains – severe or repetitive tears in the muscle or muscle group
  • Fibromyalgia – chronic illness that causes widespread muscle pain
  • Viral infections – influenza, COVID-19 and other viral infections can cause muscle pain
  • Lyme disease
  • Lupus
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

There are many possible causes of muscle pain. Injuries are the most common, but when muscle pain occurs without any obvious cause, it may be from an underlying health condition.

Relief for Muscle Aches

If you have muscle aches that are impacting your sleep or productivity, it is important to get a diagnosis. There are treatments available for acute and chronic muscle pain conditions. Our board certified physicians at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor can perform a thorough examination and diagnostic testing to determine the source of your muscle pain. We can provide pain relief as well as treatment for causes of muscle pain.

You do not need to live with muscle pain. If you have been experiencing ongoing or severe muscle aches, come see us at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. Contact our urgent care center in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment – we can see you the same day you call or come in.

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