Many people visit their doctor for an annual physical as part of their preventive health plan, but it rarely consists of more than a general checkup. Recording weight, temperature, and blood pressure along with a basic exam is great, but it is unlikely that it will reveal any concerning health conditions. If you want a more comprehensive and personalized approach to preventive healthcare, Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor offers our annual executive physical.

What Is an Annual Executive Physical?

You do not need to be a corporate executive to receive the benefits of an annual executive physical. These are detailed, personalized physicals that are designed to dig deeper into your health to give you more information on the state of your wellness. This entails performing tests and exams that are not normally included in a standard annual exam through most doctors. Our doctors and medical team perform a complete exam and overview of each patient’s overall health. Some of the tests and checkups include in our annual executive physical include:

  • Blood tests to check cholesterol, blood counts, chemistry panels, and general organ function factors
  • Urinalysis to check urinary tract function and other conditions such as diabetes
  • Extensive physical examination performed by an internal medicine specialist
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular checkup, including ECG, heart screening blood tests, CT-coronary calcium scanning, and other cardiovascular tests as needed
  • Reproductive health checkup, which can include prostate, hernia, and testicle exam and hormone testing
  • Osteoporosis and breast cancer screenings as needed
  • Colonoscopy, as needed

During these detailed physicals, every organ system is evaluated, and specific concerns are discussed. For those that truly care about their health, this can offer an intricate look at where they are on the wellness scale. Other tests and screenings can be performed as needed based on family and medical history. These can include full-body imaging to detect possible signs of tumors or cancer indicators for those with a genetic predisposition to certain cancers, or more intensive screening for heart disease.

Taking Control of Your Health

Our annual executive physicals give patients the opportunity to take control of their health instead of letting their insurance company decide what is covered in an annual wellness exam. Our doctors and medical team can perform many of the exams, tests, and screenings at your chosen location if you desire, or you can come to our facility in Beverly Hills. We offer our house call services for executive physicals throughout the Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

You deserve healthcare that puts you in the driver’s seat. If you are tired of perfunctory exams that are not designed to truly protect your health, contact our patient-centric medical team at Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. We can schedule your first annual executive physical to give you the benefits of personalized healthcare.

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